Daily meditation and retreats
The daily meditation is the most important practice. This is the way to work with our strong mental habits and regularly train the mind to focus towards its own nature. We do it in the same manner as we brush our teeth. To have this good habit of daily meditation can change the whole life for the benefit of all. A retreat can help us to train this seemingly simple action – to sit down and meditate, which later, in a busy everyday life, can be helpful.
In fact the daily practice is an ”inner retreat”, as we regularly focus on recognizing mind, instead of on outer or inner sensations that appear in mind. It is all about a shift of habits and focus. A retreat-place gives an outer frame to train the mind to become more stable in everyday life.

Different types of retreats

Open retreat: For beginners open retreats make the most sense. You do four sessions of variable length per day. In the remaining time you can help out a bit in the center and share some time with the residents and other guests.

Closed retreat: During closed retreats one does not talk to others and one eats meals alone. This type of retreat is recommended only after you have a few years of experience with Diamond Way meditation, and have sought the advice of your lama. (We don’t offer closes retreats at the moment since we don’t have the capacity)

Sangha retreat: As a Sangha-group from a center you can stay for a weekend to meditate and to spend time together, this can be very beneficial for the work together back in the center.

Practice days: Friends come together to meditate intensely and share time with one another between sessions.

Facilities: We have two retreat huts and can host up to 6 guests for open retreats. You can use the kitchen and bathroom in the ”white house”. The meditation room is situated behind the red house.

Families and vacationers: Since we have limited facilities first priority are retreat guests. If you come for vacation we kindly ask you to stay somewhere else. But you are very welcome to come for the evening meditations.

Additional info: It is not possible to bring pets to the retreat center. We would be very happy if you can help us to run the center for an hour per day.

Retreat prices per night:
Room: 170 sek per person
Bed in dormitory: 150 sek per person
Own caravan or gompa (floor): 130 sek per person
(Please notice that we have limited space for caravans)
Pillow, bedcovers 30 kr, towels 20 kr

Payment: We prefer if you pay by card. We accept Visa and Mastercard. All money is used for hosting sanghaguests, any surplus goes to maintaining and running the center.

What you need to bring:
Sleeping bag, slippers, towel and at all times of the year warm clothes. Swim suit for the summer. If you would like to save on laundry costs, please bring your own sheets, pillowcase and duvet.

PLEASE do register at least a week before your arrival and let us know if your plans have changed. Diamond Way Buddhism students can register for the retreats using DW-connect page: or via e-mail.

We need to know:
Full name
Date and time of arrival and departure to the retreat center
Which center you belong to
Contact details: mobile and e-mail