Project description

Project overview: On 30-November 2018, we signed a contract for the house and land shown above located outside of Stockholm.  Following Lama Ole’s wish, we are currently fundraising to help finance the project. We closed the financial deal for the land on 29-April.  The next step after we moved into the house is to make some renovations. Then later, the plan is to buy a neighboring piece of land (owned by friends) and build a new “big” gompa on it according to Lama Oles wish.

Project costs

  • Phase 1 = 480 000 € (buy house and land) = done on 29-April 2019
  • Phase 2 = 150 000 € (buy second piece of land)
  • Phase 3 = 100 000 € (build gompa)

A bit of recent history: In January 2015, a couple from the Stockholm Sangha privately invested in a first land in Tyresö. It was presented to Lama Ole as a potential future retreat place. In May 2015, the couple were offered to buy the neighboring land, which also has a house on it.  They asked Lama Ole about this opportunity and later bought the neighboring land too.

In March/April 2017, Lama Ole stayed in Tyresö for one week during the big Nordic Course in Stockholm. During Lama Ole’s visit, the Stockholm Sangha showed Lama Ole a neighboring house (the white house), which sits on a third piece of land. He told the Stockholm Diamond Way Sangha to buy the white house.

In July 2017, H.H. 17th Karmapa visited us for one hour. In December 2017, we finally got the answer that the house was indeed for sale we signed  the purchase contract Nov 2018 and got access to the white house in April 2019.


Satellite view….