Tyresö retreat Center is funded by voluntary contributions and donations. Every single contribution counts and all donations are received with much gratitude. Donations are possible through a number of different channels.

One-time or monthly credit card or PayPal donations

International transfers to German account

          Bank: Commerzbank AG, Germany
          IBAN: DE20 2004 0000 0628 8088 05
          BIC/ SWIFT code: COBADEFFXXX
          Purpose = ”Tyresö” + name and address of the donor (for a tax deduction in Germany)

International transfers to the Swedish account

       Bank: Handelsbanken, Stockholm
          IBAN: SE89 6000 0000 0006 2885 1588
          BIC/ SWIFT code: HANDSESS
          Message: = ”Tyresö”

Local Swedish Bank or Swish transfer

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