To date (Dec-2018), we have raised about 145,000€, including ~30 members in our new “1000-Club.”  We are so thankful for your support so far 🙂

In addition to the 1000-Club, there are several other ways to  support us:

1. Wire transfer to Swedish DWB Foundation
          Bank: Handelsbanken, Stockholm
          IBAN: SE89 6000 0000 0006 2885 1588
          BIC/ SWIFT code: HANDSESS
          Message: = “Tyresö”

2. Wire transfer to our International DWB Foundation
          Bank: Commerzbank AG, Germany
          IBAN: DE20 2004 0000 0628 8088 05
          BIC/ SWIFT code: COBADEFFXXX
          Purpose = “Tyresö”

3. Or with credit card or Paypal account, using PayPal, including an option for regular monthly donation

4. Please contact us with any questions

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