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The 1000-Club is our main fundraising vehicle. To date (29-April), we have received over 57 (!) donations from friends and Sanghas of 1000 € each.

During the recent course in Israel, the Swiss Foundation made an incredible and inspiring offer to back us as we cross the finish line (29-April 2019). A cornerstone of the Swiss offer is that they can be the bank for new 1000-Club members, allowing them to pay monthly over time while we get money now. It works like this:

  1. You sign up to make a donation. 
  2. As soon as you pledge, the Swiss Foundation ’backs’ your 1000€ donation and they deposit it into our account
  3. Then, you decide the monthly payment plan best for you: 10 months (100 €/month), 20 months (50 €/mo), or 33 months (30 €/mo)

This is a critical time on the project, and still a very meaningful time to become a part of it

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